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Essentials of a Story Structure
almost 4 years ago


You might have the writing passion but still, fail to attain the professionalism need for one to become a professional writer. The structure of your story is essential when writing the story. Professionals should see all the essential of the structure in place for your work to be termed as professional and thus get the rewards which come with writing perfect work. Here are major essentials which should be included in the structure of every story.


The Theme of the story. Every story must come with a theme. This is the ambition of your story. You might want to portray betray and the pain it comes with. Also, you can be writing about being ambitious. Such themes will be shown in various events in your work.


The next essential of a structure of the story is the characters. Characters are more than persons who are always in pursuit of a particular thing in the story. However, it is still hard for them to get the things they want; they are always encountered with various obstacles hence giving them a hard time. For every story, there must be the main character, the said character is found in many scenes of the story. There is always an antagonist and a protagonist in the story too. The protagonist is the character who the story events unfold. The antagonist is chosen to oppose the protagonist; they will always come with ways of opposing the protagonist. In many cases, the antagonist is given a chance to challenge the protagonist, in this way, the protagonist finds better ways of solving the problem presented before them.


There is also the setting. Every story structure must have the settling. The story should have a place and time of occurrence. There must be interesting things occurring in different interesting places. As the storyteller, you should build places in your story which are interesting; the events should occur in certain areas and at the right time. Click this link for more details.

Any professional storyteller will include conflict in their story. Conflicts are also essential in a very story. They are meant to irritate the characters. Conflicts not only help the author to go through the scene but attracts the attention of the reader hence compelling them to read the book to the end.


A story structure must also portray the genre. You should concentrate on your genre which will make the story easily recognizable by the readers.

Read more now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dramatic_structure.

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